STEAM Early Access Now Available!

Interested in playing the game now before it is officially finished? Check it out on Steam Early Access!

The game in its current state is fully playable from start to finish. The most important thing I’m looking to get out of Early Access is help with balancing. If there is a lot of support from the community then I will likely add more features to the game.  Check out the Early Access page for more information!

Pre-Release version available now on!

Buy and play Hyperspace Delivery Service RIGHT NOW in pre-release form! Help shape the game with your feedback!

**You can play from beginning to end in this version but you will likely experience minor bugs, grammatical errors, an evolving game balance, and less artwork than will be in the final version.

I’m aiming for a final version in March 2019. If you purchase now you will of course receive all updates going forward as well as the final game.\

Hyperspace Delivery Service Alpha Testing

If you have any interest in becoming an alpha or beta tester for Hyperspace Delivery Service, please contact me!

The focus for the first round will be balancing the game stats to make sure the game is fun and balanced. This includes balancing costs of items at space stations, reward amounts, ship supplies usage, and other similar game play systems.

Thank you!