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Bik – a Space Adventure | Available Now! 
(iPhone, iPad, Android, Steam, MAC, Windows, Linux)

Hyperspace Delivery Service | Coming Soon…
(iPhone, iPad, Android, Steam, MAC, Windows, Linux)

Who We Are

Zotnip Games is a small indie operation based in Medford, New Jersey. Zotnip specializes in creating small custom video games, programs, and websites and have launched products on PC, MAC, Linux, iOS (iPad and iPhone), and Android.

Recent News

  • Pre-Release version available now on itch.io! 6-16-2018

    Buy and play Hyperspace Delivery Service RIGHT NOW in pre-release form! Help shape the game with your feedback!

    **You can play from beginning to end in this version but you will likely experience minor bugs, grammatical errors, an evolving game balance, and less artwork than will be in the final version.

    I’m aiming for a final version in March 2019. If you purchase now you will of course receive all updates going forward as well as the final game.\


  • Hyperspace Delivery Service Alpha Testing 5-16-2018

    If you have any interest in becoming an alpha or beta tester for Hyperspace Delivery Service, please contact me!

    The focus for the first round will be balancing the game stats to make sure the game is fun and balanced. This includes balancing costs of items at space stations, reward amounts, ship supplies usage, and other similar game play systems.

    Thank you!

  • Windows Hotkey System Volume Control Released! 11-14-2015

    Whenever I plug in headphones to my computer or play a fullscreen game, I find it annoying to have to always go to the task bar to change the volume, so I created this tiny program to run in the system tray and allow the use of hot keys to alter the volume!

    Click here to check it out!


  • 2-D Space Adventure BIK: Eat Sandwiches and Save the Galaxy! 6-19-2014

    Available now!


  • Bik Trailer! 2-6-2013

    Check out the official trailer for Bik!   Check it out at www.bikgame.com!

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